Writer's Block: Friends of old

Do you have a childhood friend that you still think about and miss? What happened to him or her?

Well it wasn't childhood.  I was in my teens.  My friend Bobic.  He was an ass with me but the conversations we had were great.  He was constantly pushing me to be better than I was and I accomplished a lot of things with him in my life.  I confused friendship with love and he took advantage of that to control me.  He didn't return my love but began using me to further his own agendas.  He insisted I focus my whole life around him and like a stupid love sick teenager I let him control me.  As I grew older it became harder for him to control me, until I finally decided I'd had enough and stood up to him and permanently cut ties with him.
You may be wondering why I would miss such an asshole.  I don't miss what he used to do to me in terms of the negative, but I miss the conversations we used to have and the way we challenged each others minds.  I have friends now that do that but it's not the same.  He would not let me accept defeat in anything.  I miss that.  Unfortunately the way he tried to control me at the same time makes me happy that I don't know him anymore.

What will this next year bring for me?

Well 2010 is almost here and I wasn't able to keep my resolutions (of course).  I wasn't able to draw much and I lost a total of 10 pounds this year, but with the holidays I've probably gained it all back.
So 2011... What will you bring me?  I'm going to make a resolution that I hope I can keep and It's easy.
I have so much stress in my life I think I just need to remember to breathe and relax.  Not an ambitious resolution, but I'm thinking I'm going to start small and hopefully for 2012 I can have a better resolution.  Good luck all with your new year and remember to be safe.  
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Writer's Block: Love or be loved?

Do you think a romantic relationship can ever be equal or will one partner always love and/or compromise more than the other? Given the choice, would you rather be the one who loves more or is loved more?

No relationship is equal.  People may fool themselves into thinking that. The truth is someone always has more power than the other and that is just a fact whether it's a heterosexual or homosexual relationship.  No one can have an equal relationship.  I would like to be loved more but unfortunately I'm wired in such a way that I would do more loving cause I'm so emotionally desperate.
Ouran Twins.

A lot of fun in an otherwise droll life

So I got back from Bee Cave/Austin.  Only ever been to Austin to get birth certificates for my gma so most of the time I'm asleep in the back of whatever vehicle we happen to be traveling in.  This time I actually got to see it and my goodness it's a pretty city.  I really enjoyed my self and got to make a new friend.  And we both luv the Yaoi!!!!  YAY!!! 

So we went Karaokeing (that is soo not a word) and it was great even if the drunken college brats kept walking into our room.  Seriously who does that!  It was so embarrassing.  And I'm so self conscious about my singing and with my voice cracking like a teenage boy's I was truly mortified.  After a while they stopped and we went back to having our awesome fun. 

Later my friend Beth introduced me to Dullala!  I like it and I think I may cosplay the motorcycle chick.  Maybe.... If i loose enough weight.  So that was my break from my life and GOOD GOD did I need it so bad.  Too bad tomorrow is going to be chaos with having to go to my brother's wedding and then having to go to work.  Oh well at least I had some fun and a burger.  I'm sooo gonna have to work out later...  T_T 

Maybe I can experiment reading yaoi and riding my stationary bike.... It may work.

Writer's Block: TMI

If you had the opportunity to know everything about the person you love, would you take it? Or would you avoid the possibility of getting hurt?

I hold truth above all.  So if I had the opportunity to know it all I would regardless if I was hurt or not.  Being lied to would hurt a lot more.